Jan Kafka

Triptych the Astronomical Clock of Prague by Jan Kafka
A Horologist
Oil paint on canvas, 2005
Size 20"x28", 50x70cm

1, Horologist
The Orloj
Oil paint on wooden panel, 2004
Size 24"x33", 61x86cm

2, Orloj
A Horologerie
Oil paint on canvas, 2006
Size 28"x20", 70x50cm

3, Horologerie
The Triptych description:

1, A Horologist: A horologer maintains the contrivance of the astronomical dial. Inspired by a photo of Mr. Zámečník.

2, The Orloj: A Clock house masonry with the Astronomical clock of Prague (made in 1410) extended by bell turret adjoin the Old Town Hall Tower. The main feature is the Astronomical dial. Detailed dials (by airbrush) represent Temporal time, Italian (Old Bohemian) time, German halved clock (sideral) time and zodiacal degree scale. The actual time is about 11 o'clock CET. The Sun is in Virgo, the opposite Moon in Aries. The apostles show up in windows. Two principal figures and ancient clockwork movement occupy the front. A horologe statuette of the Death rings the passing bell. Below, two wrought iron great wheels end-to-end of going and apostolic trains manifest the clock power. The wooden statuette on the right does not represent a legendary clockmaker Hanush but a patron of clockmakers - St. Peter. The blessing apostle is holding a key to a clock room. The key top centers on the calendar roundel. There is a void in place of the calendar disk of Manes' being a national Bohemian emblem. A desert like scenery surrounding the tower hints the origin of mechanical clocks was in far lands.

3, A Horologerie: At a clockmaker's shop inspired by a famous Uhrmacher engraving. A striking train frame on the left belongs to the astronomical clockwork being restored. A cabinet clock under completion has the dial resembling the horologe of Prague.

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